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Long-Distance Measurement: The 100m Tape Measure

One of the traditional offerings from the leader in measurement tools is the tape measure range, and they are adding a new item to their catalog: the 100m metal tape measure.

Measuring long distances is often not a particularly comfortable job, due to the logistics involved. There are several tools as a solution to this work: laser meters, topometers or measuring tapes. For each work occasion, a different tool is required. depending on the use, size and precision among others. Medid, as a measurement specialist, offers a wide range of measuring tools and instruments, designed to solve the professional's work.

One of the traditional proposals of the leader in measurement are tape measures, a range in which they add a new item to their catalog: The 100 m metal tape measure. This new reference is presented in a comfortable suitcase for protection and transport. The tape is wound in an open metal case, with a practical crank to wind the 100 m. It has a practical bi-material handle for easy grip, complemented by a stop on the opposite end to be able to rest on the ground.

Metal measuring tapes are par excellence, the most precise since they are made of tempered steel, guaranteeing their accuracy thanks to the rigidity of the tape. The protective varnish and paint (in this case, yellow) protect the product from damage, making it a durable item with lower tolerance and therefore greater precision.
As experts in the field, they have no shortage of fiberglass measuring tapes, a more flexible and lighter option, in addition to being washable. They also have a protective varnish, and are characterized by yellow PVC or even on some occasions, it can be found in white. This type of tape is also characterized by non-conductivity, resistance to abrasion and tension.

Beyond the materials of the different tapes, other factors can also be chosen within such a variety: In case we prefer an open or closed case, or if we prefer how the tape starts: with the 0 on the ring, with the folding nail or with the Italian principle. Even the tape winder speed!
All MEDID long distance measuring tapes are class II and marked with the CE certificate.